No Parking
Insufficient Land Use

Automated parking - Double the number of cars in the same space (or use half the space to park the same number of cars). Greater efficiency of space changes the dynamics of land use!

Call Robotic Parking ™ Technology for a detailed analysis: 404.223.1974 US Country Code 001+

Changing the Dynamics of Land Use

200' x 300' = 800 cars

Robotic Parking ™ Technology
200' x 100' = 724 cars
300' x 100' = 822 cars

Much less than half the space used for nearly the same number of cars

In addition to the tremendous security benefits that tenants will experience (such as not having to walk alone in a dimly lit underground garage, virtual elimination of damage to cars; no dings or dents or scratches), these are the Robotic Parking ™ Technology financial benefits as outlined below in the analysis of an actual site (graphically depicted above):

 Robotic =    

1050 Cars (115,000 sf)

Conventional =    

  700 Cars (245,000 sf)



New Gain for the developer =    

350 extra parking spaces in the same building envelope.


130,000 sf additional floor area for commercial use in the same building envelope as well.

Simply a Smarter & Safer Way to Park™  
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