Robotic Parking ™ Technology garages are covered by the following insurances in the U.S.A:

  • Umbrella liability coverage with aggregates: $ 4 million per occurrence
  • Design Omission & Errors with aggregates: $ 2 million per occurrence
  • Breakdown insurances with coverage from $1 million to $ 5 million

As a note, a major factor in the reduction of the product liability is the benefit of the pallets utilized as a standard in the Robotic Parking ™ Technology system! By providing pallets for an automatic parking system it not only prevents any drippings of oil, acid or salt water onto cars from machinery or cars on upper levels, but it also (and of vital importance) guarantees that no machinery ever touches any vehicle. This, coupled with the quality maintenance program, provides one of the highest standards of product liability for automated parking facilities.

Our United States Patent:

Robotic Parking ™ Technology, Inc. is the holder of United States Patent # 5,669,753 for an automated parking garage (as well as several additional patents pending). The patent gives us the exclusive right to exclude others from making, using, offering for sale, or selling our patented technology throughout the United States of America or importing the technology into the United States.

The patent, issued on September 23, 1997, covers an automated parking garage, which simultaneously parks and retrieves multiple vehicles. The basic patent claim is for the methodology for parking vehicles in a parking garage having more than one floor, comprising the following steps:

  • A customer drives his/her vehicle into an arrival station and parks it on a solid pallet

  • After being appropriately activated, a central computer system directs a moveable carrier on steel rails or other suitable surface, along an open aisle-way to a position immediately adjacent to the arrival station and the pallet

  • Utilizing a separately moveable rack entry module immediately above the upper surface of the carrier, which is inserted beneath the pallet, the pallet and the vehicle are transferred to the carrier

  • Again at the direction of the computer, the carrier, together with the pallet and the vehicle, are moved from the arrival station to a multi-level lifting device where the pallet and the vehicle are transferred to the lift

  • When the lift reaches the properly designated parking level, the pallet and the vehicle are transferred to another carrier, which had been directed by the computer to make the pick up

  • This carrier then transports the pallet and the vehicle to the parking slot designated by the computer

  • Finally, the pallet and the vehicle are moved into the parking slot by the rack entry module

Retrieval of the pallet and the vehicle is accomplished by a reverse of the storage methodology. At no time during the process does the vehicle leave the pallet to which it was initially assigned.

The system is such that multiple storage and retrieval activities can be in process at any time.

In order to provide our customers a limited exclusivity, all Robotic Automated Parking Systems, manufactured, sold or delivered by Robotic Parking ™ Technology, Inc., or any authorized representative, will be appropriately licensed to the end user. To assure such limited exclusivity and protect the licensure rights of our customers, we intend to vigorously defend our patented automated parking methodology against infringement by any person, persons or entities.

Example of Robotic Parking Entrance/Exit Station
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